You’re smart, busy, and like to make your own choices, especially when deciding how to get somewhere. Welcome to TravelSmarterVT, where you can get directions and see the impacts – time, cost, or calories – of the commuting choices you make.



By Bus

Riding the bus is a stress-free way to save money while getting wherever you need to be. Catch up on reading, get a jump on your workday, or just relax while someone else does the driving.



Oh the places you’ll go simply by walking! Strap on your favorite shoes for a cost-effective way to commute, save money, and get exercise, all at the same time. You can literally stop and smell the roses.

Vermont Carpool Carshare

By Car

When only a car will do, car-sharing and carpooling are convenient ways to save money, make your commute less stressful, and reduce your impact on the environment. So long, lonely and boring commute.


By Bike

Riding a bike is just plain fun. Stay active and save money while getting to work, running errands or visiting friends, all with a smile on your face.