Walking Commuting Vermont Vtrans Tips

Plan your Route

Use our Travel Smarter Map Your Commute tool to map a walking route. Your best walking route may be different than your typical driving route.

Give Yourself Time

Our Map Your Commute tool will give you an estimate of the time it takes you to walk to work, but give yourself some extra time, especially the first day. You may even want to try to walk your route on a weekend and time yourself, just to be safe.

Shoes and Clothing

If you’re walking more than a half-mile, you may want to wear athletic shoes and socks. This will help minimize foot fatigue and prevent blisters. If your walk is fairly long, you may want to wear athletic clothes and bring a change of clothes for work. In addition, consider purchasing a backpack or an ergonomic messenger bag. Your walk will be much more enjoyable if you are comfortable; pack light.

Tip: Shower at Work

Check if your office has a bathroom with a shower. Many employers offer this as an incentive to people who walk or bike to the office. You may even be able to get a locker if you want to shower each day.

Consider the Weather

Are you walking in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter. Dress appropriately. Wear sunscreen year-round. Many people get sunburned in the winter. In addition, wearing a hat for shade minimizes sun-damage to your face and scalp. If you’re walking in the winter, consider layers, in case you get too hot. Be prepared, consider investing in a compact umbrella in case you run into an unexpected rain shower.


Wear headphones and listen to music if you like, but always be aware of your surroundings. Stop at corners, don’t walk across traffic and be considerate of those around you. Bicyclist may use the sidewalk, so always keep your head up and walk in a consistent manner.